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Texas Summer’s – Get Ready to Stay Cool

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You don’t need the weatherman to tell you that this summer is going to be a hot one. With the first day of summer still weeks away, it is time to get your family and your house ready for those imminent Texas temperatures. While you and your family might plan for extra sunscreen, fun water activities, and leisurely indoor lounging. Don’t forget to include your air conditioner in your summer prep plans, or you might end up with your very own home sauna.
Here are a few key steps to help you enjoy a cool summer…
• Change your air filters
This sounds simple enough, but when your filters are dirty, your air conditioner has to work harder to cool your home. Most air filters are made with an average life of 3-6 months. Each home is unique, you might need to change them more frequently if you have a pet or pets that shed, or if you have done any remodeling, sheetrock dust is hard to sweep up and much of that dust will be caught in your filters. By simply being vigilant to change your filters as needed, you can help increase the life and energy efficiency of your air conditioner.
• Clear your outdoor unit
For safety if you are going to be cleaning your outdoor unit make sure the breaker is turned off.
Make sure your outdoor unit is clear of all debris and plants. Because this unit pulls air, any plants or debris that are touching the unit are limiting its airflow. Gently trim back and prune all plants that are too close, you will want to take care that you are not damaging the fins on the unit as you pull the plants away.
• Schedule an annual service tune up.
By spending a little annually you are really saving in the long run. Proper maintenance for your air conditioner can actually help your monthly electric bill and has the potential for better cooling and dehumidifying in your home.


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